MSM cream for joggers, the best in pain relief for athletes

Yeoch! Ever sit down after a long jog and feel your muscles tense up? Even worse than that are the pains that won’t go away on their own. Whether it’s sore muscles or shin splints, MSM cream is a great natural product that offers great pain relief. We’ll go into exactly what makes MSM so great for joggers.

First, let’s get into what MSM is and then look at the specific benefits runners will see from using MSM


What is MSM?

MSM stand for methylsufonymethane. It’s an organic sulfur found in fresh fruits and vegetables, and even animals. The amount found in nature is very small, which is why people use MSM pills, or topical creams.

MSM boosts collagen production to promote tissue growth and repair, as well as healing cartilage. This is great for people who perform high impact activities, such as jogging, jumping, martial arts, gymnastics, weight lifting, and so much more.

MSM cream is the topical form of MSM, with all the same benefits. MSM cream allows you to localize and specifically target key areas on your body. If you have runners knee, MSM can be applied to your knee. If you have arthritis in your hand, work the cream into your hand. Some creams, like ours, comes with a hemp infused option, allowing the cream to penetrate even deeper into your skin. It’s great for skin health.


Why should runners use MSM?

MSM cream, a great resource for joggers, contains an organic sulfur that offers runners pain relief from joint pains, reduction of inflammation, relief from sunburn, and boosts the skins ability to heal itself by boosting keratin and collagen production to the applied area. MSM is available in several forms, in pill for general use, but also in lotion form, to target specific areas of the body.

Some benefits of MSM include, scar healing, rosacea reduction, pain relief, tighter skin, healthier skin and much more. In this article, I will show you why MSM is great for runners. Here are a few:


Running pains MSM works for



Shin splints

If you’ve had them, you know the pain. You’ve tried the usual remedies: ice, rest, insoles. But there is another source of relief. Of course we should all be prepping and treating our bodies, but inflammation is impossible to avoid 100%.

Shin splints are caused by inflammation in the periosteum, a layer of connective tissue covering the surface of the tibia, or shin bone. During high impact actions, like jumping, running, or kicking. The periosteum is being jolted and almost torn. Since this layer is filled with nerves, it will cause inflammation.

That’s why MSM is great, it’s an anti-inflammatory cream you can apply localy, to just the inflamed location. For shin splints, this is normally closer to the end of the shin, but above the foot. It’s not just our word that MSM works wonders for shin splints, Health365 thinks so too.


Sun burn

In the Pacific Northwest, we don’t get much sun. But when we do many of us burn, since we’re not used to the large orange sphere in the sky. We have several amazing customers who have had serious sunburn. All of them have been adamant about the efficacy MSM brought to their wounds.

According to the National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health "reported that MSM was useful in protecting against UV-induced inflammation when applied topically and acute allergic inflammation after pre-treatment with a 2.5% aqueous drinking solution."



Don’t want scars? MSM is great for skin health in general, and by applying it, you’ll give your body a boost in keratin, which is the pain protein in your skin. By applying this, your skin cells bond more efficiently after damage, whether it’s a burn, cut or a scrape. MSM infused with hemp seed oil can even be soothing, and better permeates the skin, which better feeds your skin needed elements.

Scarring happens when the deeper layers of the skin have been cut or scraped, which are common for runners. Scars heal when the body forms collagen fibers to form together and cross hatch with one another. Scars are, of course, a sign that a wound has fully healed, it's just not the prettiest way a wound can heal.

To aid your body's attempt at better healing scars, ingesting or applying MSM will give your skin a better chance to heal, since MSM boosts collagen levels. If MSM, like ours, is combined with hemp seed oil, essential oils, the combined effect is the best shot at giving your skin a chance to heal without.

Essential oils are great for regenerating cells of damaged skin, according to Here are a few:


-Lavender oil

-Tea tree oil

-Vitamin E oil

Combing the MSM, essential oils, as well as vitamin E will be your absolute best bet at aiding your body in healing the best possible way.


Joint pain


Many factors take place in joint wear and tear. Running is hard on the knees, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t run, after all, it’s one of the best forms of exercise. Unhealthy people who never exercise have healthy knees but unhealthy bodies, so don’t be ashamed of running!

MSM boosts collagen, helping joints repair themselves. Oral MSM is best, but the cream is great to localize each use. MSM inhibits the breakdown of cartilage, reduces stiffness, and improves overall quality of life.

Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine stated in their study on MSM “MSM shows positive effects in improving joint function, relieving symptoms associated with joint degeneration—including joint pain, joint stiffness, joint swelling, difficulty walking, difficulty getting up from bed and difficulty going down stairs—and improving quality of life, in elderly populations.”

MSM itself is shown in this double blind placebo study to prove it's ability to reduce pain, swelling, and improve the functionality of joints.


Muscle pain

Building muscle is all about tearing and building. Soothing muscle pain can be difficult, but with a few different treatments at your disposal, you can find the relief needed to rest well at night. There is one ingredient that is great for soothing pain.

Menthol is used to soothe various pains, cuts, abrasions, lesions, and the reason why is interesting. Menthol is a counterirritant, which lets your skin feel cool, then warm up. Chew a mint gum and take a sip of water, that cold crisp taste is what happens to your skin. It works so well because it distracts your body from the pain. 

So why does menthol really work? We don’t receive pain directly from our injuries to our brain, instead the injured area sends signals to the neurological gates in the spinal cord, and then the brain, where our body is finally telling us about the pain. When a counter irritant like menthol is used, the feeling of cooling and warming competes against the injured part of your body, which confuses the neurological gates in the spinal cord.

This benefit is not specifically from MSM but from an added ingredient. This is why we add peppermint to our Sports Cream, we wanted a well-rounded and versatile tool that was an all-in-one package. We’ve been working on this cream for years with runners, wrestlers, and high school coaches to tailor this lotion to athletes.

As you can see, MSM contains just the right stuff necessary for runners. At Impact MSM we have tailored a cream just for runners. If you are interested in our Sports Cream, containing all the ingredients needed for pain relief, check out our pricing through the link below.

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