Why Athletes Swear by MSM Cream

Many athletes experience muscle soreness and fatigue during training and recovery. To naturally and effectively address these issues, many have started using MSM cream.

What is MSM Cream?

Impact MSM Cream great for athletic pains

MSM stand for methylsulfonylmethane (say that five times fast). It's an organic sulfur, like what you'd find in hotsprings. Boasting antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, this cream is like a superhero sidekick, fighting pain and inflammation in your body. No more suffering in silence - join the MSM Cream squad today!

Packed with MSM, this topical lotion is the secret weapon of athletes everywhere. Not only does MSM soothe muscle pain and inflammation, but it also promotes faster recovery. So, whether you're training for a triathlon or just trying to stay in shape, our MSM cream will help you bounce back faster!


How it works

Impact MSM is made with Methylsulfonylmethane, an organic sulfur

MSM cream is like a soothing lotion or rub on for your hard-working muscles. Athletes swear by its ability to ease soreness and speed up recovery after physical activity. Why? Because MSM, the active ingredient in the cream, is proven to promote faster muscle recovery and reduce inflammation. 

 MSM, the leading ingredient is an organic sulfur that reduces swelling. It "inhibits NF-kB, a protein complex involved in inflammatory responses in your body." Many people with arthritis use MSM for that very reason.


A cool down effect


Our brand Impact MSM uses a variety of essential oils, namely peppermint oil. It's a menthol, so it produces a cooling down effect. Menthol also distracts, forcing your brain to think about that sensation, and not the other pain. The MSM reduces inflammation, and the menthol acts as a quick pain relief until joint discomfort has gone down.


Why athletes use MSM Cream


1.) Fights Inflammation: With MSM cream's anti-inflammatory properties, common pains don't stand a chance. Back, shoulders, joints, are all common pain points. Athletes, in particular, can benefit from this remarkable cream which helps to reduce the inflammation and swelling that often follow intense workouts.

2.) Promotes Circulation: enhance the delivery of vital oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. "MSM dilates blood vessels, enhancing the blood circulation.". Our proven formula promotes circulation, accelerating your recovery time and allowing you to perform at your best. Get back to peak performance faster than ever before with MSM cream. Try it today and feel the difference for yourself.

3.) Eases Muscle Tension: MSM cream works wonders in easing muscle tension and soreness. This is especially helpful for athletes who experience muscle tightness and cramping after intense workouts.

4.) Easy to Use: It's a lotion that the user can carry in a gym bag, locker, or the car. All you have to do is apply where it hurts and feel the effect.

5.) Natural and Safe: MSM cream is a natural and safe alternative for athletes seeking to alleviate their muscle pain. Impact MSM uses MSM as the leading ingredient, with essential oils that promote extra pain relief.



If you're going through muscle or joint pains, consider MSM cream. It's great solution that is based on natural ingredients.

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