What is Impact MSM? 

Impact MSM is a sports cream. It reduces inflammation in joints and skin. Impact MSM uses natural ingredients found in hot springs, fused with hemp seed oil, and other essential oils. This combination is calculated perfect, just for athletes with sore muscles and pain.  

Eases muscle  pain  

Aching joints  

Neck pain  

Joint pain  


Restless Leg Syndrome  

 Main Ingredients  

Impact MSM is made from MSM. It’s an organic sulfur found in hot springs. For hundreds of years, people have been seeking out hot springs for their healing abilities. For 20 years we have worked with arthritis sufferers. Our lotion has helped so many, that’s why we’ve decided to create a formula for athletes. Impact MSM contains  

MSM (methlysulfonymethane)  
               Improves joint strength, skin health, and reduces pain.  

Peppermint oil (menthol)  
               Perfect for sore muscles, head aches and fatigue. Can help with concentration. Menthol works on muscles by distracting your brain by distracting your brain from the sore muscle.  


             Relaxing, reduces stress, aids sleep, rejuvenates skin, speeds cell replacement, helps acne, soothes Rosacea and eczema, promotes healing and reduces scarring. It also improves circulation and muscle tone. It reduces cellulite and fluid retention.
Tea Tree Oil
           Strongest natural anti-septic known, also anti-fungal, anti-viral, and a strong immuno-stimulate. Used to sooth cracked skin, itchy scalp, pimples, cold sores, warts, and sunburns.  

Vitamin E oil  
               -Vitamin E is a nutrient your body needs to support your immune system and help your cells to regenerate. It also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that make getting enough essential to your everyday health.